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About us

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Our staffing agency in the provision of its services focused on a few selected sectors and focuses on a specific geographic area. This allows us in long-term relationships with clients to understand their needs and demands expertise. They then we consider the search and selection of candidates. We build good contacts in the industry and that are important to report on access to vocational candidates, but also for fast and efficient placement of our kadnidáta labor market.
Clients recommend us
For employers, the main motivation for using our services mainly spared the time to search and interviewing candidates, personal counseling for final selection and in particular the fact that the employer no longer meets only with professionally and personally cleared job seekers in his company. Candidates for jobs especially appreciate the consultations, actively placing candidates in the labor market and also to some extent help the working conditions of bargaining with the employer.
Flexibility in filling temporary positions
In addition to long-term and stable jobs, our agency is able to respond flexibly to the requirements rýchlovznikajúce to fill temporary positions that are the seasonality of work or a sudden change in volume of production, or other reasons that our partner provides the changing market of the business. Here it is very important that we are able to offer both candidates with references, verifying their skills and expertise and ensure the necessary administrative matters (labor relations, remuneration, etc.).
Right Choice for Professionals
Services of our agency are therefore the right choice for businesses and companies that can take full advantage of efficiency. Savings by moving operations search and recovery of human resources at our agency and they can rely on our professionalism, experience and results of our consultants.

Our services

Our services are aimed at the satisfaction of both sides of the labor market, thus matching the demand and supply of labor to the individual needs of both employers and our carefully selected candidates. Employers You can also be assured that we will work closely with you, because our goal is not to place candidates...